salut friendos, my name is lauren. a brief intro: i'm in my twenties, i'm a reluctant cochlear implant recipient, and a passionate (albeit lazy and uninspired at times) artist and writer. i was lucky to have a phenomenal horse named spooky, who has since shaped and formed my entire outlook on life worth living. here i blog about horses, my life, and the legacy he's left behind in his passing. AETERNUM VALE, SPOOKATIEL.





… what

how did this even work 

did the girth break?

Only just noticed the saddle falling off haha, 
Thats one way to untack

Snake River, 2002 TB gelding enjoying the break in arctic temperatures last Wednesday.

Holden, sporting his new halter.

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I miss you, best friend.

Taylor Field & Code Wind @ GMHA Eventing Horse Trials 2012.

Code Wind was 19 in this picture. He was my first OTTB.

"Is there something on my nose?"

"I’m flipping adorable."

Working on learning the basics of ground-driving with Holden. He’s been super so far - doesn’t mind the contact of the long-line, and even though the side-reins are on the loosest setting, he is very responsive to their weight.

This week will be a continuation of working on walk on/halt from the ground driving aids - working on straightness and accepting the pressure of the long-lines around his body. Next week, we will work on “over” on the long-lines, as well as reverse of direction.

New farrier comes tomorrow, I can’t wait to meet him. Came highly recommended from my personal vet. Holden was last shod 4 weeks ago (I know, that’s nothing for a race cycle) and the amount of toe he’s grown is stunning. New farrier mentioned pulling his front shoes - we will see what he thinks of Holden’s hooves and go from there.